måndag 2 januari 2012

Leaving 2011 and heading for 2012

Today is the beginning of a new year.  So to start up the new year I thought that I should wrap up last year. Many things happened last year, both happy ones and less happy ones. Some of the big events 2011 was my 30th birthday that I celebrated with my closest family, a lovely vacation in Portugal with my darling husband and a lot of love from family and friends. Last year also meant a whole lot of work for my part with a lot of business travelling which were great in the way that I developed a lot in my career but less great in the way that I spent a lot of time away from home. I also got to know some great people and expand my network which is always a positive thing.

2011 was also the year when I made good money, which I am really happy about because it get's me inspired to keep on working hard. Because of this I was able to buy myself some pretty things and the two best things I bought myself last year was a brand new car and a Louis Vuitton bag!

But after all, money and material things are not the greatest things in life. What's most important is that you have your health and love arond you. Unfortunately the lack of this is something I had to experience last year. In the end of the summer my husband's best friend passed away in cancer and this was a tragedy for both of us. My husband had known him for all his life and he was also the best man at our wedding two years ago so I've known him and his wife for many years as well. This was something that struck us both hard and got us to realise how precious and fragile life really is. Not long after this I, myself, was hit with some bad health news that turned my life upside down and caused me many tears, pain and a surgery. I'm still fighting this and hope I will be okey after the next surgery this winter.

 To end the year that had been both ups and downs, me and my husband decided to go off on a weekend to spend New Year's Eve, just the two of us on a fancy restaurant, staying in a hotel and toast with champagne at midnight and seal it with a kiss. It was well needed after last year and we both enjoyed some quality time together talking about our dreams for this year.

So what's in the crystal ball for me this year? Who knows. Well, instead of making any New year's resolutions I thought I'd put up some goals for 2012 instead. My goals and mottos for this year are:

  • Take care of myself in every way
  • Be creative
  • Be healthy
  • Read 40 new books (I really love reading)
  • Study a new language (I'd love to learn italian)
  • Be passionate

I'll do my best to reach these goals and be happy this year. I hope 2012 will be a good year and will make my dreams come true! And I wish the same to all of you!

Thank you for popping in here and reading my blog, even though it hasn't been very well updated the last months. But I'll work on that too, so do come back soon!

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